BH2O+ 2010 made history!

After 12 weeks of intense planning for BH2O+ 2010, I love to nerd it up and crunch numbers to measure the event turnout:

7 event days + 3 cities + 23 universities + 1500 registrants = BH2O+ 2010

But this year’s BH2O+ event is about much more than calculating the number of how many people carried yellow buckets of water on their heads.  To better illustrate the significance of BH2O+, consider the impact:

(146 Nuru Volunteers Mobilizing Cities & Campuses)  x  (Your Advocacy for Women and Girls Fetching Water)  x  (Awareness Regarding Lack of Clean Water Resulting in Over 25 Press Articles)  x  (Thousands of Dollars Raised for Nuru’s Sustainable Projects) = Life-Altering Change for Hundreds of Families in Kuria, Kenya

BH2O+ is a powerful event because it enables passionate volunteers to contribute a direct and positive impact on Nuru’s holistic empowerment of rural communities to achieve self-sufficiency.  Truly, the result of BH2O+ is greater than the sum of its parts.

At Nuru, we’re excited to share with you the clean water solutions planned for two more areas in the district of Kuria, Kenya.  Two wells are planned for Nyangiti village and the town of Isibania.  Villagers in Nyangiti have been forced to use polluted natural springs and rivers and are eagerly anticipating a safe, clean water source.  Water is very scarce for families in the town of Isibania, and their only water has come from polluted shallow wells.  Nuru is ensuring that clean water stays in the community for generations to come, and individuals like the 1500 who joined us for BH2O+ are making our work possible.

To each and every person who contributed time, energy and resources to make BH2O+ 2010 a success, THANK YOU.  I am grateful for you.

With Nuru…we, together, are ending extreme poverty, one community at a time.  And BH2O+ is just the beginning of how we’re making it possible for you to get involved in this fight.  Stay tuned for the excitement to come…

About Kim Do

Kim served Nuru International for eight years in marketing, branding, communications and special events. She counts it an honor to spend the best hours of her day fighting to end extreme poverty. Follow her on Twitter at @bykimdo

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