At this point, it’s a no-brainer: the only thing left to do is get involved!  And that starts with signing up your campus or city center.

If you know yoDownload BH2O Infou’ve got the gusto to roll this event out on your campus or in your city center, contact Nuru today – we’ve got planning tools and volunteers ready to assist you.

If you know your friends and colleagues would love this event and you need to find a team of people to help you, check out our one-page flyer – and forward it to anyone whose first name starts the letters A-Z.

If you know someone who enjoys the benefits of clean water (I mean think about it, who doesn’t?), take a bold step and ask him or her to commit to seeing this event through on your campus or in your city – use Nuru’s Commitment Form to collect names so you can send a notification when registration opens.

Thank you for doing everything you can do to end extreme poverty in Kuria, Kenya!