“Hi, I am an artist; I mostly do paintings. How can I use that to help Nuru…oh, maybe I could sell some of my paintings and then give the proceeds to Nuru.”

Last week, we had a Nuru Tour event at the New Life School of Worship in Colorado Springs, CO. We were able to speak to the students, faculty, and staff during their devotional time before classes started for the day. At the conclusion of our presentation, I had the above conversation with a student named Hannah.

She told me that she feels passionate about sustainable development in the developing world and loves Nuru’s approach to eradicate extreme poverty. And she wants to use her love for creating art to support Nuru. I love to hear about ways people are using their gifts and talents to partner with Nuru International.

It blows my mind every time we have the privilege of meeting someone who wants to help Nuru in any way he or she can right then and there. It is always amazing to meet people who share our excitement for Nuru!

We have had the opportunity to speak to many different types of people throughout our tour and it is abundantly clear that the Nuru story has the power to attract anyone. It is so cool to see how the Nuru model has engaged people from all walks of life, like high school and middle school students, artists, and lawyers just to name a few.

You can be a part of the Nuru story no matter your age, experience, education, or profession. Everyone has the ability to be a part of things that matter in this world. Use your imagination and dream big! Check out our do something tab on the website and see how you can get involved right now.