There are 32 days left on our journey. 32 days left of telling the stories of the beautiful people who are Nuru. However, in just 25 days, our role as a team will be different. Why? Because in 25 days, the first Be Hope To Her (BH2O+) event of 2010 will be kicking off.

It’s a bittersweet feeling. BH2O+ is the culmination of our efforts on the road. It’s an experience that brings together people who have connected with the story of Nuru, the beautiful people of Kuria we work alongside, the excitement, the hard work, the sleepless nights, long drives in the van, and unforgettable memories with new and old friends. It’s also the end of a journey that has changed and shaped the lives of this team more than we can articulate, and hopefully the lives of some of you we’ve met along the way.

Because of all of this (and more), we want Be Hope To Her 2010 to be the absolute best that it can be. If you are already planning a BH2O+ event, thank you. I know you are tired, but finish strong. Your work is tangibly changing the lives of people in Kuria, Kenya. If you are deciding whether or not to attend BH2O+, check out the registration page, find an event near you, and sign up.

I never knew that 5 gallons of water could change a life. Then I walked in solidarity with women in the developing world, and everything became different. So, April 12 – 17, I invite you walk with us and see your life as well as live in the developing world be changed forever.