Transition time in the Nuru Project is a month long whirlwind of action. The culmination of a rotation’s work is all coming to fruition as we transfer all of our knowledge, work plans, initiatives, books, etc.. over to Foundation Team 5. Vivian Lu and I have done two previous transitions with each other, so we know how each other work and have a knack for making the most out of our transition time together.

There is so much activity right now that it is hard to keep track of where everyone is. The houses are packed: David and I are living in the living room of the lower house and Jake is living in the living room of the upper house. It is beginning to feel like a youth hostel. Needless to say the houses are alive with all that is Nuru.

I have just over a week left of work to do in the project before I transition back home to work with Nuru’s Development Director, Don Jorgenson. In this short time left, I have got a lot on my plate: we are deploying Mifos (our banking software); we are starting our M-Pesa (mobile money transfer) capabilities; and we are training all of the CED staff on both.

By next week we will be able to have all of our accounts on Mifos and access them all remotely with mobile banking capabilities. This is a huge jump to make in a week, but while the capabilities are there, we are going to be cautious with the implementation of our new technology. Before we unleash it completely to all of our members, we will get all of the kinks out.

With the pace that we are keeping and my recent late night coffee consumption, I am going to be sprinting until I leave next week. There is such synergy in the project at the moment. New teams bring new ideas, and all I can really do is harness all of the energy here at the moment to develop lasting solutions that will impact the lives of the people whom we serve.

I aim to do a video next week that will demonstrate the new technology. I apologize in advance if I am a bit disheveled looking, I will most likely be running on fumes.