Peter GatiToday the CED Blog has a guest post from Peter Gati, Nuru’s Community Economic Development Field Manager:

“Unlike other assistance provider, Nuru has on the ground experience that provides practical approaches to build capacity leading and increased efficiency, innovation and customer-focused business growth. Nuru are locally based and so we understand the needs of our clients, their operating environments and the unique features of each institution. We have a unique operational style where most of the working day of a staff member is spent in the field.

We believe that the client should be at the centre of all product and processes. In keeping with this ethos, field operations are accorded highest priority with each staff member spending 70-75 [percent] of his/her time in the field, understanding the nuances of the operating systems, processes, and our client’s behavior.

Before Nuru my community used to leave a lot of the finer details in the hands of the Holy Spirit. However, Nuru has now taught us how to plan and put systems in place so that we now have the power to oversee the finer details ourselves.”