The time has come to transition to the new foundation team. The new team arrived a week and a half ago equipped with new ideas, fresh perspectives and diverse experience. The transition is providing all of us with an opportunity to step back and reflect on what has been accomplished and what remains to be done. This is an especially interesting time for me as I will be staying through October. As you well know, the education program is on the verge of implementing the new model. It was decided that we needed continuity at this crucial point. Though I am not transitioning myself, it is helpful to observe the process and think about ways I can prepare the education team and program for the smoothest possible transition in October.

Over the past week, our team has made some great strides. Victoria Tissian has moved out of her role as Field Manager and assumed the role of Program Leader, taking over for Francis as he moves to the new Leadership Training Team. She has done an outstanding job so far and is proving to be a strong leader.

We have continued our computer training sessions and the team is becoming more and more proficient by the day. They are up to 25 wpm, navigating their Gmail accounts, conducting internet research and learning PowerPoint, Skype and other important tools. They have an insatiable desire to practice and learn and have started to take notes on the computers during meetings. Our team will begin training the Agriculture team this Friday as well.

Yesterday we had a very successful meeting with the Area Education Officer, Madam Ruth, who is responsible for education here in Isibania Division. She has considered our proposed programs and granted us her full support. We have also been exchanging emails with the Director of Basic Education for Kenya and the Director of Quality Assurance, both based in Nairobi. They are supportive as well and we hope to receive written approval so we can proceed to implement our programs knowing that they are fully aware of our program initiatives and have given their assent.

Next week, we will meet with the head teachers of all public schools in our division to discuss our programs and roll out plan. We will then host meetings for the parents to ensure they are aware and supportive as well. In the meantime, we will continue to refine our program initiatives in preparation for launch at the beginning of May. I look forward to sharing stories, pictures and revelations once we get this program off the ground. We’re almost there. Stay tuned.