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Nuru Ethiopia’s vision is to cultivate lasting, meaningful choices in the most vulnerable and marginalized communities in the world, starting in Ethiopia, and we are working specifically to build resilience in the most vulnerable communities in rural Ethiopia by developing farmer-owned enterprises to lift thousands of families out of extreme poverty by 2030.

Established in 2013

Nuru Ethiopia helps Ethiopian farmers and their families lift themselves out of extreme poverty by helping farmers move from subsistence to building thriving farmer-owned and farmer-led cooperative agribusinesses.

Nuru Ethiopia works to end extreme poverty in conjunction with corresponding agencies within the Government of Ethiopia.

Headquartered in Arba Minch, Nuru Ethiopia works in the Gamo and Gofa Zones of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region of Ethiopia.

Locally-Led Development

Nuru believes that the best solutions to fighting extreme poverty come from the local community, and we are a 100% locally-led organization with locally-designed solutions built for driving long-term positive impact for our farmers.

Nuru Ethiopia Model

Nuru Ethiopia is distinct in its approach because from the beginning we address the problem of extreme poverty with a vision to exit communities as they develop profitable farmer cooperatives. Nuru Ethiopia’s model continues to increase in efficiency and impact, as we scale to new places. Read more in this Agribusiness and Market Ecosystem Alliance (AMEA) case study.

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Our Model Highlights

  • Exit Strategy

    Over a period of five to seven years, Nuru Ethiopia works together with local cooperative leaders to help them develop the capacity to stand on their own with solid leadership while providing farmers with opportunities to improve their livelihoods through establishing market linkages for both crops and animal fattening programs.

  • Livelihoods Approach

    Nuru Ethiopia helps farmers build sustainable and profitable farmer cooperatives and increase their incomes. Nuru also provides farmers access to regional and international markets to support their families.

  • Cooperative Union

    Aside from its work directly with farmers and cooperatives, Nuru Ethiopia has established Hidota Cooperative Union, which allows farmer cooperatives to further aggregate their surplus crops to sell to other regional and international markets, helping farmers earn even more income from their hard work.


Nuru Ethiopia uses a variety of tools and third-party evaluation to assess its impact on farmers and communities. Read more about our impact.


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    Increase in Income

    Farmers are better equipped to cope with shocks as they diversify livelihoods and increase their incomes.

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    Increase in Crop Yields

    As farmers increase their crop yields, they are able to address household hunger, and sell their surpluses for a profit.

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    Cooperative Profitability

    As cooperatives achieve profitability, Nuru is able to step away, leaving behind sustainable local businesses for thousands of farmer entrepreneurs.

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    SCOPEinsight Score

    Nuru Cooperatives exceed regional and international scores for cooperative sustainability.

Our Team

Nuru Ethiopia does not have a board as NGOs in Ethiopia are governed by the Charities and Societies Agency of Ethiopia. We are proud to be among the less than 10% of Ethiopian NGOs to receive an “A” rating for its effectiveness in working within communities in the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region of Ethiopia.

Nuru Ethiopia Strategic Leadership Team

Nuru Ethiopia Staff

  • Biruk Abayneh

    Cooperative & Agribusiness Program Manager

  • Zerihun Woldesenbet

    Agriculture Extension Rural Livelihoods - Program Manager


Nuru Ethiopia’s Financials are managed by a third party accounting agency to ensure rigor and transparency. Through this innovative partnership, our team can focus our efforts more on adapting, improving, and scaling our operations.

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