Why #cleanwater costs so much more in the developing world #WorldWaterDay

Why #cleanwater costs so much more in the developing world #WorldWaterDay

Here in the US, clean drinkable water flows from the kitchen sink and even down the toilet with each flush. It’s easy to take for granted how important water is to our health.

As Melinda Gates points out in the 2016 Gates Annual Letter, collecting, treating and using water is a large contributor to “time poverty”—the deprivation of opportunity because of the time spent attending to one’s basic needs.


Yet Nuru farmer families in Ethiopia and Kenya must work hard to gather, purify and store drinkable water every day to wash their hands and clothes and bodies…


…and to live free of waterborne illnesses.


As Nuru Healthcare works to decrease preventable disease and death, water plays an important role.


Let’s take time today on #WorldWaterDay to appreciate the vital role of water in our lives.

And let’s continue fighting for communities in extreme poverty to have clean water access so they may become rich with time and opportunity.


About Athena Childs Fleisher

Healthcare Program Strategic Advisor — Athena comes to Nuru after more than a decade in the fields of international public health, disaster risk reduction, microfinance, and social business creation. During graduate school, she earned both an MBA and MPH from the University of Arizona.

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