Tom Nyongesa Juma

Nuru Kenya Agriculture Program Manager — Tom joined Nuru Kenya in May 2012 as the Agriculture Program District Manager. Previously, he worked on the System (HDSS- Webuye) VLIR Belgium Project as a Field Supervisor for Health Demographic Surveillance for four years. He also served as a Field Officer for Innovation for Poverty Action (IPA). Tom graduated with his BS in Forestry and Masters in Soil Science from MOI University. His professional accomplishments include conducting a soil survey for the entire Kuria West District and earning certification in project management and monitoring and evaluation. Tom is passionate about helping farmers in poverty improve their farming systems.
Expecting Great Maize Harvests

The 2016 long rains season has begun with great expectations for maize farmers like Eunice in Kuria, southwest Kenya. Eunice Maroa has attended…